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"Get into the shape of your life without, having to Count Calories, Eat Bland Food, or Crazy Workouts

The Founding 50 Membership gives you everything you wish from an expensive trainer for the only the price of a family takeaway per month"

14 Day Love it or Leave it Money Back Guarantee

What members had to say...

Why is it only £12 per week?

To be completely honest, I could charge a lot more for the value you’re getting. The resources alone would cost more than the monthly fee, and they are yours to keep forever.

However, I’ve priced this program to be irresistible, so there's no need for hard selling or awkward sales calls.

14 Day Love it or Leave it Money Back Guarantee


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How Does it Work and What’s Included?

Gears Of Success Blueprint/Roadmap

Gears 1+2 (Nutrition and Habits/Routine):

You'll use our interactive shopping list builder, calorie calculator, and meal plans to get your nutrition in place whilst setting your own standards each day with our green light system

Gears 3+4 (Workouts/Lifestyle):

This is where you'll start to progress your workouts and daily movement whilst effortlessly balancing in the weekend/social life using the banking system.

Gear 5 (Push):

If you were to start in this gear (which most do) you'd burn out or stall the car pretty quickly. However, here is where you will set a date personal to you (4/6 or 12 weeks away) and get the head down with solid foundations from the first 4 gears.

Gear 6 (Reverse):

Arguably the most important gear. If you've ever successfully dieted in the past you'll know it's not like a video game. You can't just press save. You need to embed this into your life, therefore, for most people we take them away from tracking and focus in on habits and enjoyment. Or just set a new exciting goal.

"Regardless of your starting point, the same foundations apply to everyone. Probably why most of my clients stay for over a year (not because they have to, but because they want to)"

Done-for-you meal plans and interactive shopping list guide:

When you first join you will have the choice to use our frameworks to create your own meal-plan and shopping list or we will give you one that suits you

Custom workouts with tutorials or follow alongs:

When you first join you just tell us where you want to workout. What equipment you have available and we will send you a custom program suited to you - at home or in the gym!

Weekly calls and access to me in the community group daily:

We have calls on each week where you can listen in, interact or just watch on catch up. As well as a thriving community that will keep you motivated


Results using the plan:

Karen dropped 40kg+ whilst balancing student life by implementing the 15 min fakeaway into her plan

Results using the plan:

My mum dropped 15kg+ by focusing on daily movement (no workouts) + fakeaways on weekends

Results using the plan:

Zubair dropped nearly 100lbs whilst enjoying burgers at lunch time and an evening treat for his sweet tooth

Results using the plan:

Bobbo dropped 20kg+, built muscle with progressive workouts and enjoyed burgers daily (he has 4 kids)

Results using the plan:

Caysie dropped 30kg+ whilst balancing shift-work and unsociable NHS hours utilising easy recipes

Results using the plan:

Matt dropped 10kg+, and trained smarter (not harder to enjoy his social life after work... and loved a wrap

My mum dropped 15kg+ by focusing on daily movement (no workouts) + fakeaways on weekends

A bit about me and my goal within the fitness industry...

"I remember my first time investing in myself for fitness—it was about 15 years ago.

I bought a PDF from someone I followed on YouTube. Safe to say, I opened it once and never looked at it again. I know so many people do the same thing with impulse purchases and resources; even both of my recipe books could gather dust if you never looked at them again. Why is this?

A plan, accountability, and community!.. i’m giving you all of these for only the price of a family takeaway per month.

Coaches nowadays charge crazy prices—£1k, £2k, £3k+, and fail to deliver. I know, because I joined these mentorships as a younger coach and thought that was how to be successful.

However, the thought of getting in shape or getting help with it beyond your typical PT in the gym is a minefield and a lot of pressure.

I could talk about awards and stuff, but honestly, I find all that pretty irrelevant.

If you’re checking me out, it’s probably to see if we’re a good fit, personality-wise. I pride myself on being authentic. So, as you can see, no fancy sales tactics here to get you on a call – the industry’s full of them and it’s just not my style.

What got me into this industry was a personal journey. When I started focusing on my nutrition (mainly) and hitting the gym, I felt great and wanted to share that.

My focus is shifting more toward mental health and sustaining these results. Which is why I've created this program. I’ve been getting into mental health qualifications, awards, NLP coaching, and I’m on my way to becoming a psychologist specialising in behaviour change (in the next couple years).

I believe in doing things properly – focusing only on workouts or nutrition without considering your most important muscle (your brain) you are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Some extra stuff - I’m a husband, dad to two kids, and I was diagnosed with ADHD last year, which explains a lot, like my creativity and why I can never find my keys! But that’s another story.

If you’re looking for a regular guy with big plans, who’s helped hundreds or maybe thousands over the years, then I might be your man... see you on the inside"

So, I hope that tells you at the very're in good hands :)

Swap your current diet:

You'll have access to our food bank and swap framework where we take the food you love and swap it for a tasty meal less cal + higher in protein.

Shopping list in minutes:

Shopping made easy with out interactive shopping list full of ingredients from the cookbooks and recipes that from the click of a button you know what to buy.

10 Years worth of resources:

I'm always making new stuff (most i don't even release to the public) so even if you have one or two of my recipe books. It's nothing on whats inside.

Results using the plan:

Ben dropped 15kg+ by focusing on his food and went on to complete an iron man. Food was his main fix.

Results using the plan:

Ashley dropped 10kg+ by focusing on the weekend framework for eating out and enjoying a drink.

Results using the plan:

Lewis dropped 6 stone with 25min workouts enjoying his meals and having more energy for his kids

If pictures weren't enough then these videos tell the full story...


There isn't a catch but here are some...

Frequently asked Questions

How does the nutrition side work?

The nutrition aspect of this program primarily focuses on your initial staples and food shopping. We cover this in the first few videos so that by week one, you’ll know exactly what to stock your fridge with. To understand how it works, take a look at the ‘Gears of Success’ system. However, I truly believe that no one does this better than me. There’s a reason why other coaches give my recipes to their clients—you are in good hands

I don’t need workouts - can I still join?

Believe it or not, not all of my clients, including some of the results showcased above, involve workouts. For your stage, it could be focused on steps, nutrition, and mindset, as long as there’s progression from where you’re currently at. Take Caysie as a classic example. She went through several phases: first focusing on habits (just steps), then aesthetics (workouts and steps), and finally performance (focus on getting strong). So, it really depends on your starting point.

How much does the program cost?

The program is £12 per week, or the equivalent of two drinks per week, if you prefer to think of it that way. In all honesty, the only way I could encourage people to sign up without resorting to sales calls (which detract from the time I can spend with paying clients) was to ensure this program offers exceptional value for the money. It’s incomparable to the services offered by massive brands or influencers who charge minimal fees, only to place you in a group and leave you to figure things out on your own. Nor does it involve charging exorbitant fees like many coaches do, using high-pressure sales tactics. The cost is £48 per month. If, after the first couple of weeks, you find it’s not for you, no worries – although I doubt that will be the case.

Will I be able to speak with Sylvester?

Yes, I will be in the community daily to answer any questions. There will be live calls, and you can book a 60-minute 1-2-1 call with me for an additional one off fee.

FAQ image

Will I have to pay extra for the challenges?

No, the challenges are primarily about building momentum more than anything else. You can join at any point, but there’s an option to save a bit of money by paying for the challenge upfront. Alternatively, you can continue with your regular monthly subscription as usual. Also there is mini timeless challenges throughout that you choose the start date. So, it's never a bad time.

FAQ image

Do I need Facebook to join?

No, the community is actually integrated within WhatsApp Communities, featuring several different threads and live calls that you can attend or catch up on via the private podcast. While there is still a Facebook group, I understand that it’s not for everyone, so I respect that! The WhatsApp is set up in such a way that you’re not bombarded with notifications too – so don’t worry.

FAQ image

Will this program help my mental health?

If it were up to me, this aspect would be the main focus of the program. However, people often don’t realise that this is what they need, and it’s easier to attract them with recipes, workouts, and visible results. Once they join, they inadvertently step into self-development mode. My approach includes NLP coaching, and I’m continuously studying to become a licensed psychologist in the next year or two. Therefore, please be assured that any advice given is based on proven methods, not just personal opinions. People may not realise they need this, but the mind is the strongest and most stubborn muscle in the human body. It’s crucial that we learn to control it!

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Am I tied to a contract?

No, you cancel anytime, and even if you don’t feel like we delivered on our promise, you are a polite email away from a full refund.

Will I get my own workout program?

Yes, you have the option to request a new program every 8 weeks to keep things fresh, although each program is designed to last longer than that to encourage maximum progression. There’s a portal in the app where you can submit this request, and you’ll receive your new program within 48-72 hours, depending on if it is the weekend.

FAQ image

Why do we not jump on a call before I sign up?

I used to charge a lot more for my coaching but i've been working on this for over half a year so I could give all the value at the fraction of the cost. If people do want to book in a 1-1 call with me they can for a one off fee but I made it a lot less than it's worth to avoid sales calls... I hate them haha

FAQ image

Will I get access to your new app?

Yes, as a founding member of the academy, you’ll get access to the app a month before it launches to the public in August (so sometime in July). You’ll even be able to make suggestions on things we can add before it launches officially. However, in short, we are launching this founding membership first so we can test out app features (like the shopping list and meal plan builder), and you’ll get access to them after your setup week from the start but the actual app is out at the end of Summer.

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The FOUNDING 50 MEMBERSHIP has literally everything from my last 10 years in the industry that you need to get and sustain a life changing result. I can't wait to get you started and I hope to see you on the other side. :)

P.S. If you are this far down the page and still have't signed up you're obviously very thorough and I promise you we will have just as much attention to detail with you :)

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